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Food Chemical Sensitivity

What is a food chemical sensitivity?

  • Food chemicals can be naturally occurring or artificially added to foods

  • They include Salicylates, Amines, Glutamates, additives & preservatives

  • Found in a range of foods including chocolate, coffee, ripe fruits, fermented products, mushrooms, flavour enhancers such as MSG.

  • They can be ingested via the food we eat or inhailed in perfumes,soaps, toothpaste

  • When exposed (eaten or inhaled) they enter the blood stream & build up over time.

What is a symptoms of a food chemical sensitivity?

Food chemical sensitivities, cause a generalised nerve irritation, when threshold is reached, can resulting in:

  • Gut symptoms: reflux, mouth ulcers, nausea, stomach upset

  • Nervous system system: migraines, fatigue, mood changes, irritability

  • Skin reactions: hives, eczema

  • Respiratory track symptoms: Throat irritation, sinus congestion, asthma.

👉🏼If you suspect you may have a food chemical sensitivity, ensure you see a specialist dietitian for personalised advice. For more information get in contact with us here at the


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