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Food Intolerance 

Dietetic Gut Clinic

If you suspect you may have a food intolerance, seeing your GP is the first step in getting closer to a diagnosis. Your GP will run baseline bloods in order to have key conditions excluded (which can show similar symptoms e.g coeliac disease/inflammatory bowel disease etc). This is best done, prior to eliminating any foods from your diet. From then your GP or Specialist may advise you to see a Gastrointestinal Dietitian at the Dietetic Gut Clinic. Management of food intolerances is one of the services our team has been offering to patients in Perth since the launch of our Gut Clinic in Nedlands and Murdoch.

Food intolerance Diet Perth

What is a food intolerance?

Food intolerance is a reaction that some people have after eating or drinking certain foods. Food intolerance reactions are usually related to the amount of the food consumed. They may not occur until a certain amount (threshold level) of the food is eaten, but this amount varies for each person. This is different to a food allergy, which involves an immune response. Food intolerance does not involve the immune system. instead can result in:

  • Gut related symptoms such as reflux, bloating, nausea, abdominal cramping, excess wind and changes in bowels to constipation/diarrhoea or both),

  • Skin symptoms including rash, hives, eczema

  • Nervous system symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, mood changes, anxiety

  • Airway symptoms such as those involving the sinus and asthma.

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How are Food Intolerances 

The gold standard for diagnosing a food intolerance is an exclusion diet followed by a systematic challenge, under the guidance of a gastrointestinal Dietitian. Unfortunately, there is no reliable skin, blood or hair tests – these tend to show what you have been exposed to rather than what you are sensitive or intolerant to (with the exclusion of a lactose oral dose/ breath and blood test).

Food intolerance Diet Nedlands and Murdoch

How can a Dietitian help?

Elimination diets play a key role when identifying food intolerances. A Gastrointestinal Dietitian will help to ensure a systematic approach is followed when diagnosing a food intolerance, they guide you to ensure that the right elimination diet, for you, is completed, as well making sure you are not missing out on any key nutrients throught the process. Some interventions that may be considered can include: Low Lactose Diet, Low FODMAP diet, naturally occurring food chemicals diet, food additives and artificial colours free diet, diets low in wheat/ dairy/ soy / eggs, low histamine diet, low caffeine diet.


Dietetic Gut Clinic

Why Dietetic Gut Clinic for Food Intolerance?

The Dietetic Gut Clinic is a Perth based private practice with special focus on diet and gastrointestinal health and disease. 

We believe that Food Intolerances are best managed by gastrointestinal dietitian with an interest in that field. 

At Dietetic Gut Clinic our mission is to empower and support our patients, to take charge of their digestive condition and health in order to optimise their quality of life. 

We have clinics both north and south of the river which means that we are able to accommodate patients across the Perth metropolitan area, in addition to also providing Telehealth services.



You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for your dietary consultation. In order to receive a Medicare rebate, you must obtain a care plan from your GP. Medicare rebates can be processed in our office at the time of your consultation. Out of pocket expenses apply for dietitian consultations. 

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