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Dietetic Gut Clinic 

Located in Riverview Endoscopy

Hollywood Consulting Centre

Suite 312/ 91 Monash Avenue, Nedlands
WA 6009

Office Lobby

Dietetic Gut Clinic 


Located in Wexford Gastroenterology

Suite 83/ 3 Barry Marshall Parade Level 5 Wexford Medical Centre, Murdoch

WA 6150

Working at a Cafe

Dietetic Gut Clinic 
Virtual (Telehealth)

We want to provide everyone the opportunity to access our services, no matter where they are located around the world.

Rebates & FAQs

You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for your dietary consultation. In order to receive a Medicare rebate, you must obtain a care plan from your GP. Medicare rebates can be processed in our office at the time of your consultation. Out of pocket expenses apply for dietitian consultations. 


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