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Dietetic Gut Clinic

Once you have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, your GP or Gastroenterologist may advise you to see a Gastrointestinal Dietitian at the Dietetic Gut Clinic. Management of Coeliac Disease is one of the services our team has been offering to patients in Perth since the launch of our Gut Clinic in Nedlands and Murdoch.

Coeliac Diet

What is Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac disease (CD) is an autoimmune disorder that permanently affects the digestive system (or gut) and is triggered in genetically susceptible individuals by the ingestion of gluten.


When a person with CD consumes foods that contain gluten, it causes an immunological reaction in the small intestine, which damages the lining of the small intestine known as the villi. Villi are finger-like projections that line the interior of the small intestine and once they become inflamed and essentially flattened from the reaction with gluten, malabsorption of the nutrients needed for good health occurs.

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Coeliac Disease Diet

How is Coeliac Disease diagnosed?

Serological tests (blood test) including IgA-TtG and IgA-EMA are recognised as the most sensitive and specific tests for CD diagnosis. In order to ensure accurate test  results, is imperative that the serological tests be done prior to eliminating gluten from the diet. 


A positive blood test indicates the need for a biopsy. The gold standard for diagnosing CD is the small intestinal biopsy. It is important that biopsies be taken prior to eliminating gluten from the diet as histological findings can begin to normalize upon initiation of a gluten free diet.

Coeliac Disease Perth

How is Coeliac disease treated?

Once you have been diagnosed with CD the treatment is a gluten-free (GF) diet.

As this is a life long change it is important that you are best equiped to navigate moving forward. Working closely with a dietitian to ensure nutritional intake adequacy despite food restrictions is key. A Gastrointestinal Dietitian can support you on your journey through a Coeliac Diet through tailored education and provision of specialised resources that can include:

  • Sample meal guides & gluten free recipes, books 

  • Food list - Foods to include (gluten free) and foods to avoid (contain gluten) 

  • Gluten free & label reading education 

  • Healthy gluten free eating advice & nutritional adequacy 

  • Managing gluten free at school/ work 

  • Gluten free shopping strategies 

  • Getting enough fibre to regulate bowels

  • Strategies for cooking gluten free 

Dietetic Gut Clinic

Why Dietetic Gut Clinic for Coeliac Disease?

The Dietetic Gut Clinic is a Perth based private practice with special focus on diet and gastrointestinal health and disease. 

We believe that Coeliac Disease is best managed by gastrointestinal dietitian with an interest in that field. 

At Dietetic Gut Clinic our mission is to empower and support our patients, to take charge of their digestive condition and health in order to optimise their quality of life. 

We have clinics both north and south of the river which means that we are able to accommodate patients across the Perth metropolitan area, in addition to also providing Telehealth services.



You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for your dietary consultation. In order to receive a Medicare rebate, you must obtain a care plan from your GP. Medicare rebates can be processed in our office at the time of your consultation. Out of pocket expenses apply for dietitian consultations. 

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