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Diverticular Disease

What is diverticular disease?

Diverticular disease is when small pockets/pouches (diverticula) form in the wall of the colon.

Diverticulosis vs Diverticulitis?

  • Diverticulosis: The presence of diverticula without associated complications or problems.

  • Diverticulitis: Inflammation or perforation of one of the pockets.

What causes diverticular disease?

  • Although there is no one clear cause, it is proposed that high pressure in the colon, over time results in weak areas of the colon wall to bulge out and form the pockets.

Role of diet in diverticular disease?

  • Diet quality coupled with adequate types of dietary fibre plays a key role in the prevention and management of this conditions, across the various stages, ensure you see a specialist gastrointestinal dietitian. For more information get in contact with us here at the


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