Ele Stojanoska 

BHSc (Nut), MDiet (APD), PhD Candidate

Director of Dietetic Gut Clinic

Ele is Accredited Practising Dietitian with a special interest in providing evidence-based care to patients impacted by gastrointestinal conditions. She runs the Dietetic Gut Clinic, a Perth based private practice with special focus on diet and gastrointestinal health and disease.

She is a PhD Candidate at Edith Cowan University exploring the role of diet and microbiome in gastrointestinal health and disease. 
Ele has undergone additional training via Monash University on the provision of the Low FODMAP diet for IBS. She is a member of the Dietitian Crohn's Colitis Australian Network (DECCAN) and the Vice Convenor of the National DA Gastrointestinal Interest Group Committee.
Ele is passionate about using a whole food approach to help people achieve their health and wellness goals.