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Gut Health Program

Looking To Optimise Your Gut Health for a improved Metabolic Health But Not Sure Where To Start?

Gut Health Accelerator Is The Perfect Place To Start Your Journey. 

Are you spending hours researching gut health-related topics and ending up with more questions than when you started? 

Are you wondering how you can change your diet to improve your metabolic factors such as or conditions such as Prediabetes, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, High cholesterol or Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? 


There’s a lot to research and ask when it comes to gut health. With Gut Health Accelerator, you can have all the knowledge in one place, and not to mention in your own time! Our revolutionary online program brings together all the Gut Health expert knowledge so you can access trusted, scientifically-backed advice without having to book numerous  separate appointments. 

Gut Health Accelerator is here to bring you a comprehensive overview of all things diet for optimal Metabolic Gut Health, so that you can live your best life. 

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Gut Health Program Perth

Does This Sound Like You?

You don’t know which strategies to follow to support your diet for gut health.

You’re confused about what you should and shouldn’t be doing to improve your Gut Health to support your metabolic health or health risk factors.

You have no idea whether you’re doing the right thing when it comes to diet, for your health.

That’s a lot to be dealing with, to say the least! However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re here to guide your way.

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Gut Health Perth

Why take our Gut Health Accelerator course?

Designed and created by the Dietetic Gut Clinic Director and Expert Gut Health Dietitian, this course will provide you with all you need to know Gut Health knowledge.

Here at Dietetic Gut Clinic our mission is to empower and support you to optimise your gut health to supercharge your life! 

Facing Gut Health Confusion? We’re Here To Help

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Expert Gut Health Program

Gut Health Accelerator Training Modules

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Module 1

Factors that influence the Gut Microbiome: Unraveling the key players

Person Using Laptop

Six Jam-Packed Core Program Modules

Six modules delivered by an expert  Gut Health Dietitian.

Help with Cooking

Over 25 Informing And Engaging Videos

Our Gut Health expert has created 25+ snack-sized videos for your viewing pleasure, brimming with helpful information to help you on your journey.

Paper Diary

Downloadable Worksheets

Loads of Helpful Resources To Enhance Your Learning

Cooking Class

An Array Of Gut Friendly Recipes To Support Your Journey

Developed by expert Gut Health Dietitian.

Get Started Now And Invest In Your Gut Health

Gut Health Accelerator

6-Week 100% Online Program

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